White, Milk, Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: A Comparison

Chocolates come from cacao beans and coffee comes from coffee beans. Chocolates vary based on the amount of cocoa in them. Coffee on the other hand varies in variety and in roasting method. These are the things to put in mind in our desire to make the delectable and healthy chocolate coffee beans. But since the dark varieties of chocolates are healthiest and the Arabica coffee beans are the best tasting, people tend to have preference for dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Children will love the milk or white chocolate covered beans but these kinds of confections are not for kids because a chocolate covered coffee bean has caffeine. Besides, kids will not like the bitter taste of coffee.

The dark chocolate covered coffee beans could not be found in all confectionery shelves of most supermarkets. These are special products that have both chocolates and coffee for ingredients. If you have tried this confection and you liked it, you can make your own version if you cannot find a pack in your neighboring supermarket.  The coffee beans and chocolate chips are available in your grocery store so make your own chocolate covered coffee beans. You can make use of the dark, milk or white chocolates. You will have dark chocolate coffee beans, white chocolate coffee beans and milk chocolate coffee beans.

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans

dark chocolate covered espresso beansWhy do you think dark chocolate covered espresso beans are more preferred? First, the consumers of these dark chocolate coffee beans are adults. And as they can be more conscious of their health, the dark chocolates are opted.

Dark chocolate is one of the different kinds of chocolates. Its difference is in the high content of cocoa solids, ranging from 30% to 80%. It has lesser milk content that makes its slight bitterness stand out. There are many known health benefits from dark chocolates making the dark chocolate covered espresso beans better than the other two.

Dark chocolates had been discovered to reduce risks of diabetes. Although there is much caffeine in it that can cause heart palpitations, taking in moderation will not cause dreaded side effects. With high cocoa, it has high antioxidants like polyphenols, high mineral content and low sugar. It has been labeled as super food because of the many health benefits derived for eating it. Dark chocolate is said to lower blood pressure as well as improve blood flow. And the dark chocolate covered espresso beans will deliver similar benefits if eaten in moderation.

Milk chocolate covered espresso beans

Milk chocolate espresso bean, from its name is understood to contain another kind of chocolate. This is milk chocolate, a solid chocolate that is made with the addition of milk to the cocoa. The added milk can be in the form of powder, liquid or condensed milk. What makes this different from white chocolate is that this is made with cocoa solids with varying forms of milk.

The procedure in making this version of chocolate covered espresso beans is the same as that for dark chocolate covered espresso beans. You have to melt the chocolate and coat the coffee beans with the chocolate, regardless of the type. The color of the resulting product is lighter brown.

White chocolate covered espresso beans

The white chocolate is not actually chocolate per se because white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids. Instead, this is made of cocoa butter which is merely a pale yellow vegetable fat infused with chocolate flavor and aroma. Cocoa butter is not delicious that is why sugar and milk are added to make it a sweet and creamy chocolate type of confection.  Sometimes, vanilla flavor or extract is added for more taste. Artificial color could have been added also to make the color whiter and not ivory. You can also use this white chocolate to coat the espresso coffee beans to come up with the white chocolate espresso beans.

You can have milk or dark chocolate covered espresso beans; they both taste heavenly. People who prefer the healthier kind go for the dark chocolate covered espresso beans. The milk chocolate coat is also made of cocoa with milk. But the white chocolate covered espresso beans do not really contain chocolates for its coating. You have to know the differences of the chocolate coatings of the coffee beans.

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