Substituting Coffee Drinks with Homemade Chocolate Espresso Beans

I know you are a coffee lover and a chocolate aficionado as well. I know also how it pains you to miss your cup of coffee, hot or cold, while driving on a road trip. Here is a perfect coffee confection to substitute for your coffee drinks. I refer to chocolate espresso beans.

This special confection of chocolate covered espresso beans is delectable because of the sweet chocolate at first bite and the crunchy bitter taste as you munch the coffee bean inside. Sadly, there is much caffeine in it but good on waking up your nerves as you drive along the highway during your road trip.

For people who love chocolate and coffee, this is a wonderful form of treat and coffee drink substitute. You may have seen these in confectionary shops buy did not have the initiative to find out what these are. Could it be because of the outrageous price? Needless to spend so many bucks for a pack, you can have a taste of this exquisite chocolate coffee combination by making your own.

When chocolate espresso beans are substituted for espresso drink

chocolate espresso beansThe climate is too hot and your choice of coffee is merely the cooler concoctions of coffee – iced coffee, frappe or Starbucks Frappuccino. There are more instances when you will actually prefer the chocolate espresso beans.

  • A cup of coffee drink is not readily available at the moment. You can have a dose of coffee by getting some from the pack of chocolate espresso beans inside your bag. Yes, your chocolate-coffee treat can come handy anytime.
  • While driving, it is safer to have a chocolate covered coffee bean when you need to have a boost of caffeine for instant wakefulness.
  • You can have chocolate and coffee at the same time.

Creating your chocolate covered espresso beans

To be able to enjoy the benefits of chocolate espresso beans at a cheaper cost, you can DIY your own. Creating them by yourself will give you the better taste that corresponds to your personal taste. You will have the best variety if you follow simple suggestions.

First of the tips is about choosing the ingredients. For your coffee beans, buy the freshly roasted espresso beans. The suggested roasted level is medium. If it is lightly roasted, the taste will be more acidic. When you choose the dark roast the taste is bitterer. Then you will have to choose your chocolate. Will you prefer the white, milk or dark? Will it be sweetened, semi-sweet or unsweetened? The brand of the chocolate is essential. Swiss chocolates are great. Your chocolate can also be in chips, squares or dipping chocolate.

The procedure is just very easy that your child can also make them provided you ensure their safety from being burnt out with the hot chocolate. The first step in the procedure is to melt your chocolates over a double boiler or a microwave. The second option is easier and faster. It is also safer for the chocolate to be spared from water integration. Water can make the chocolate seize. You can start melting 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. When melted and smooth, drop the roasted coffee beans, about 1/3 cups, stirring well for the chocolate to completely coat each espresso bean. Lay wax paper and with a spoon or fork, remove the chocolate espresso beans and let them dry on the wax paper. When chocolate is hard, keep the chocolate coffee beans on an airtight container or zip lock plastic.

Café mocha, the drink and chocolate espresso coffee beans, the snack

Your chocolate espresso beans are your treats or snacks. You can still combine coffee and chocolate in your hot drink. You can make hot café mocha, a café latte variant. To create this coffee cum chocolate drink, combine 1/3 espresso liquid coffee and 2/3 steamed milk. Add a portion of chocolate, chocolate powder or chocolate syrup will do.

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