Making an Analysis of the Ingredients of Chocolate Coffee Beans

Are you a fan of chocolate coffee beans? To some, this may quite be weird treat because this means combining sweet and bitter, sweetness of the chocolate and bitterness of a roasted coffee bean. Unknown in the beginning, people who appreciated both of these two flavors started to love and crave for chocolate covered coffee beans. You have to know how to eat this because if you just let the chocolate melt first, what remains is the hard bitter seed. The two ingredients should merge. So once you pop it into your mouth, crush it so that as the chocolate melts in your mouth, it creates bitter sweet flavor with the crushed coffee bean. That will be heavenly.

What are the ingredients to make chocolate coffee beans?

chocolate coffee beansTake note that there are only two ingredients for this sweet snack or treat. You will need coffee beans and chocolates. It seems to be simple but it is not. The goodness of any chocolate coffee bean is dependent on the choice of the coffee bean and the coating chocolate.

Just like in choosing a bar of chocolate, you take note of the kind. Choosing a chocolate kind that you do not like, you will never enjoy the taste.

Here is a more in depth analysis of the two ingredients.

Choosing the good quality coffee beans

Some coffee lovers based their option of the coffee beans on the region where coffee was cultivated. Well, distinct flavors may be due to the geographical location of the source. Here are other things to look into when choosing the beans for your chocolate coffee beans.

The first consideration is the bean type. Arabica bean variety is a better option for chocolate coffee beans because of its rich flavor and lesser amount of caffeine. Robusta coffee beans are bitter and contain higher caffeine. Arabica is more expensive since it is higher in quality. Another determinant of coffee bean choice is the kind of roast. Light roast is more acidic and closer to the real taste of coffee flavor. The medium roast is sweeter because the sugar in the coffee had caramelized. The dark roast seems to produce a burnt or charred bitter flavor. Look at the roast date; this should be stamped on the bag or package. Choose a bag whose roast date is less than a month. If it has reached a month after the roasting, the beans may taste stale. The aroma could have evaporated. Packaging also matters. Choose a package with one way valve as this sort of packaging can preserve the coffee freshness in a better way.

What kinds of chocolates to use

Chocolates to be melt as cover of the chocolate coffee beans can be in different forms such as chips, squares or dipping chocolates. The form does not matter. What may be the concern is the type if it is dark, milk or white chocolate.

Many do not like dark chocolates because of the slight bitterness. If this is the chocolate used for your chocolate coating, you may not like this. The bitterness of the chocolate is further emphasized by the bitter coffee bean. Milk chocolate, just like in the bar kind is best desired by majority of chocolate lovers. The dark chocolate could be the choice of the elder people because of health concern. Both dark and milk chocolates are made of cacao solids, with the dark variety for chocolate coffee beans having more cacao content. The milk chocolate tends to be sweeter tasting because milk is added to the cacao. The white chocolate is not really chocolate as there is no real cacao content but only cocoa butter and some additives to have the chocolate flavor.

The creation of chocolate coffee beans call for just two ingredients. Although the coffee beans and chocolates are the only components, the choice of these two has to be meticulously chosen to come up with a really delectable snack.

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