Experimenting a Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Recipe

There is a new bag of snack that will satisfy your cravings for two of your favorite flavors. There is a perfect combination of chocolate and coffee in a chocolate covered coffee beans recipe. It would indeed be yummy and satisfying to your caffeine-induced palate.

You can search your favorite shelf in the nearby supermarket for chocolate coated coffee beans. In some confectionery shops, this kind of treat may not be found. And if you are in dire need for such chocolate cum coffee treat, you can make your own as it is easy; it is a short process but the wait can be for a long period. However, you can make your waiting period short by letting the chocolate set in the fridge. Here is the way to make your chocolate covered coffee beans recipe to give you a treat anytime you crave for it.

The basic ingredients needed for chocolate covered coffee beans recipe

chocolate covered coffee beans recipeYou do not have to search the internet to look for your chocolate coffee beans recipe. Here is a version that would be like what you may find. Your recipe will instruct you to melt, dip and let dry.

The basic chocolate covered coffee beans recipe will only require two ingredients, chocolate and coffee. The difference in most recipes will just be the amount of ingredients or the proportion of coffee beans and chocolates. The quantity of each of the two ingredients does not actually matter. For a starter, experiment with 1/3 cup of coffee beans and 1/2 cup chocolate chips. Once you succeed, you can go and experiment to have different chocolate coffee beans variations.

The kinds of coffee beans and chocolates to experiment on

It is good to try varieties in the ingredients.

  • For the coffee beans

The best tasting coffee beans for your chocolate covered coffee beans recipe are the beans in the Arabica variety. There are two kinds of beans to choose from, Arabica and Robusta, with the latter having more caffeine content and cheaper. The Arabica used in espresso coffee drink is more expensive but better in taste.

Another thing about the coffee beans in the chocolate covered coffee beans recipe is the roasting. You can do your roasting or you can buy an already roasted kind. Roasting can be light, medium or dark, depending on the bitterness that you wish for the beans to have. The best flavor, whichever is the choice is newly roasted beans.

  • For the chocolate

You have three choices for the kinds of chocolate. You may use white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. The brand of chocolate chips also matter. Swiss chocolates are usually among the best. Chocolates also vary in sweetness so choose a chocolate type that suits your taste.

The tools and procedure for the chocolate coated coffee beans

The chocolate covered coffee beans recipe would not require any special tools. You already have them in your kitchen. You need a double boiler or microwave to melt the chocolate chips. You need a slotted spoon or fork for the dipping process and wax paper for the drying process.

The procedure is also easy. Start by placing your chocolate chips in a bowl, microwave for a few seconds, stir then microwave again. Continue doing this until the entire chips are melted. When using a double boiler, just place the chocolates on the top pan and let the hot water in the lower pan dissolve the chocolates. Once dissolved, drop the coffee beans in the chocolate, stir to allow the chocolates to cover the beans.  With the slotted spoon, take the beans off the chocolate and lay them on the wax paper to dry or harden the chocolates.

Didn’t you find the melt, dip and dry process in your chocolate covered coffee beans recipe just easy to do? You can even ask your kids to join you, ensuring that they do not get burned with the hot chocolate. You can make variations by using different kinds of chocolates or by adding nuts to the melted chocolate. What about dusting the chocolate coffee beans with cocoa?

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