Reasons for Choosing Chocolate Coffee Beans for Snack

Do you love coffee and chocolate as well? Here is a new way to enjoy both at the same time; you can make it a snack substitute that you can readily pick up anytime and anywhere. This is chocolate coffee beans. When you combine two of the world‘s favorite ingredients, chocolate and coffee you get an amazing result, a gourmet kind of snack. You will get a boost of caffeine from your coffee bean merged with the sweetness of cacao or chocolate. Eating the beans alone is bitter to the palate but chewing it with chocolate gives a bitter sweet aftertaste.

Aren’t chocolate coffee beans something unique? You can pick a pouch from the confectionary section of your supermarket or you can make your own where you have the choice of beans and types of chocolates to cover the beans.

How chocolate coffee beans are made

chocolate coffee beansA chocolate coffee bean is a form of confection created by covering a simple coffee bean with melted chocolate. Opting to make your own you have to roast first your fresh coffee beans. Then have a chocolate variety of your choice. You can have milk chocolate, white chocolate or even the dark kind; it does not matter as long as you know the trick to transform a coffee bean to candy-like treat.

Your next step is to melt the chocolate. This is where the trick comes up. You have two ways to melt your chocolate. One is just putting the chocolates in a microwave safe bowl then run the microwave to few seconds until the chocolate is melted. Remember that chocolate is very prone to overheating. The other way is to put it in a double-boiler, turn the stove and let the chocolate melt. For this second method, you have to be careful not to incorporate water; even just a small drop can make the chocolate seize.

While chocolate is still in liquid form, put the roasted beans in the chocolate and stir until each bean is fully covered. Scoop the chocolate covered beans and set them aside to cool down. The chocolate will cling to the bean and there, you have your chocolate coffee beans.

How the chocolate covered coffee beans taste

The roasted beans are bitter and the melted chocolate is sweet. So with chocolate coffee beans, you have a mix of bitter sweet taste. Actually the sweetness of the chocolate takes away the bitterness making the outcome a treat to anyone with sweet tooth. This is a type of snack that would appeal to a coffee aficionado or a chocolate lover. The bitterness can vary also with the kind of chocolate ingredient. Dark chocolate will add more bitterness.

There are people who had been asking how to eat the chocolate coffee beans. You just chew or munch a piece as you would do with a candy. If you suck it, the sweet chocolate will melt so what remains is the bad taste of bitter coffee. Chewing it as one piece will give you a blend of the two tastes.

Coffee beans come chocolate as snack food or treat

Because both chocolate and coffee contain caffeine, then you get a boost of caffeine to awaken your nerves. If you have some sort of sensitivity to caffeine, be sure to take one or two only as part of your snacks. There is a tendency for people to over eat because of the flavor and in the end you get a hit of caffeine. These chocolate coffee beans are good to serve as snacks in the office or as finger foods in meetings. These are also good as after dinner treats if you want to skip the hot cup of coffee during summer. You can surprise your friends by gifting them with a canister of chocolate covered coffee beans. You can even make an assortment of chocolate covers ranging from the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate.

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