Health Benefits Derived from Eating Chocolate Coffee Beans

Basically, there are two main kinds of coffee beans; these are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta has more caffeine but is cheaper. Arabica beans are higher in quality and naturally are more expensive. Arabica beans are not only used for espresso coffee drink; this is also the better coffee bean variety in making the chocolate coffee beans, a decadent snack.

Chocolate coffee beans are delicious candies that would be appreciated by both coffee lovers and chocolate aficionados. Although classified as candies or sweets, the chocolate coffee beans should not be thought of as junk foods, like most candies are. They are loaded with antioxidants that can be helpful in preventing some diseases. But they too have their drawbacks.

Antioxidants in chocolate coffee beans

chocolate coffee beansBoth coffee beans and chocolates contain antioxidants and having these two in one bite will give your body an overload of this nutrient. What they do is combat the adverse effect of free radicals. That could be a help to prevent a number of health issues. The antioxidants in coffee beans are phenols, oxazoles and other volatile aroma compounds. Chocolates have flavonoids. Most flavonoids are found in dark chocolate thus it is the dark chocolate covered coffee beans are best for one’s health although this could be a lot more intense in its bitter taste.

Effects of the coffee covered Arabica coffee beans on health

There are many researches on the effect of coffee and chocolate on the overall human health. There are good findings so you can say that chocolate coffee beans may reduce risks to illnesses such as cancer, vascular or heart problems, hypertension and diabetes.

Chocolate Arabica coffee beans can help in cancer prevention because of the antioxidants in them. The nutrients help in restoring good cells that had been damaged by the free radicals. There were studies disclosing a decreased risk to prostate cancer and cirrhosis of the liver a factor that can lead to liver cancer. Flavenols can reduce the risk to vascular issues. Dark chocolate is also a good aid to prevent hypertension. It may correct the bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol to reduce the risk to heart disease. People would not believe that chocolates and coffee can help control diabetes because chocolate is sweet. The benefit from these two foods comes from the ability of chocolate and coffee to regulate blood sugar. Dark chocolate speeds the processing of sugar in the blood.

Side effects brought about by caffeine

It may be true that coffee and chocolates have health benefits. But they are not excused from bringing side effects too. The caffeine in them is the culprit. Overconsumption of caffeine can make the heart beat faster. Too much of caffeine can make a person develop tremors, wakefulness or insomnia and restlessness. The tastiness of the chocolate coffee beans can make a person over-indulge to ingest a lot of caffeine. How much caffeine is there in a piece? The approximated amount of caffeine per chocolate covered coffee bean is 10 milligrams so eating a lot can really be offensive.

As for the dark chocolate, there had been studies stating that this chocolate type can only deliver optimal health benefits if it has at least 65% cocoa. With less than this amount, the chocolate can have much sugar, much fat and little flavenol. In the end, the old advice of eating in moderation should hold to enjoy the health benefits of chocolate coffee beans.

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