Chocolate Coffee Beans Can Be Your Perfect Gift

Do you want an awesome but inexpensive gift idea? There is no better gift that a canister or box of homemade decadent chocolate coffee beans. If your recipient loves coffee, here is a new version of enjoying coffee flavor. A chocolate connoisseur on the other hand will satisfy her sweet tooth with unique mouth-watering chewable candies. And what makes the gift even more especial is the time you spent in creating your homemade food gift. It makes the gift receiver feel very special. Add more value to the content through the very special and pretty packaging.

Coffee and chocolate lovers have begun adoring the decadence and richness of chocolate coffee beans. To make the candies, you would not need any special equipment. You do not need to be a perfect confectioner, chocolatier or barista to bring out the goodness in the taste of coffee and chocolate. The process is very simple and the secret is just on the choice of high quality coffee beans and chocolates.

The procedure to make basic chocolate coffee beans

chocolate coffee beansWhat I will discuss here is not a recipe. It is the method to make chocolate coffee beans. There is room for adjustment as far as the ingredients are concerned; alter to suit your needs. I assume that you already have your ingredients ready – just roasted coffee beans and chocolate.

  • Step 1 – melting process

This is melting of the chocolate, whichever kind is your preference. Many have preferred to melt it using the microwave. The reason is to evade the risk of accidentally having water in the chocolate. You will melt the chocolate in 15 seconds, stop then stir, then turn on the microwave again for 10-15 minutes then stir. Keep repeating until all the chocolates are totally melted.  Avoid scorching of the chocolate because if it does, you will have to repeat and there will be a waste of chocolate. Melting it in a double boiler can prevent scorching but you run the risk of water incorporation that will seize the chocolate. With this accident, you do not waste the chocolate; adding some shortening to the chocolate can dissolve the lump.

  • Step 2 – Dipping process

Throw a group of roasted beans to the melted chocolate. Stir until the chocolate sets around the beans. Repeat until all beans are covered.

  • Step 3 – Cooling and hardening process

Set the chocolate covered coffee beans on wax paper ensuring that they do not touch each other. You can leave it overnight to harden. But if you want it done faster, you can let the pieces harden inside the freezer. Half an hour will be enough.

Variations in the basic chocolate covered coffee beans

You can use your creativity and experiment on different variations of your chocolate coffee beans.

  • You can use different kinds of chocolates such as milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate. You can also use different colors of chocolates.
  • If you like more chocolate surrounding the coffee beans, you can melt additional chocolates and re-dip the chocolate covered beans then cool and harden once more.
  • You can add powdered cocoa coating. When the chocolates begin to harden, roll the pieces in cocoa. Remove excess cocoa.
  • Instead of cocoa powder, you can roll the semi-harden chocolate coffee beans in crushed nuts. You can have almonds, walnuts, pines or any other nut of choice.

Package your gift

You are now ready with the last step, the packaging and presentation of your chocolate coffee beans as gift. You can put the choco-coffee candies in canisters. You may use tin, glass or plastic canisters. Putting them in candy boxes made of plastic, tin or carton is another way of packaging your sweet treats. Your boxes can be plain or solid color, with design or corrugated. Put ribbons and gift cards. Your creations are now ready for distribution.

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